A tool to help you (critically) think about your job application.

Reading time: 4-5 minutes


Applying for a job is always challenging, no matter how old you are or how much experience you have. Sometimes, even though you are very motivated and excited to work for that company and in that position, it might be difficult to express that excitement and clearly state that motivation.

So how do you make sure that the recruiter and/or the hiring manager understands perfectly the “why” of your application as well as your intrinsic motivation?

Jopp created the “Motivation Matrix” that strives to help you structure your thoughts and eventually be useful in preparation for your motivation letter or your interview!

Our Matrix has a simple structure and can be used as a guideline to prepare good quality content for a job application. It is aimed at stimulating you to think about real reasons why you want that job. If you are not really motivated and you cannot find any reason, then it might be useful for you to evaluate if this vacancy really is the right challenge for you.

Below you can find some advice on how to best fill-In this matrix and make the most out of it.


Often, we claim things or write down statements just because we think that it is what the recruiter wants to hear. Well, we do not advise you to do that. We always advice you to keep it REAL. It is good to underpin every statement (about your skills, capabilities etc.) with a clear example. This will help the recruiter understand that you fully master that skill and that you are not making it up just to score a job for yourself.


This tip can be useful for both your interview and your motivation letter. We know you might have taken several academic writing classes and want to show that your English is at a certain level. However, sometimes it is better to use easy and concise sentences. Be direct and clear in your explanation and do not go too much around it. The recruiter reads many motivation letters every day and he/she wants something easily understandable, clear yet full of concrete and interesting content related to you and your motivation.

Of course, this Matrix has been designed as a guideline for you to best perform during an interview or write a good motivation letter. It is not set in stone, and you can use it as you like while giving to it your personal touch. A recruiter wants to hire you and your personality after all ;)!

Anna Calandra

Content Marketeer