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We are Jopp, the young professional specialist with the best fitting job for every young professional, and best fitting young professional for every vacancy. With our large network of employers and candidates, we help high potentials get their career off to a dream start.

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The perfect match. For us, that is ultimate success. And for one young professional that's a chill/fun job behind the bar. And for another, a challenging job at a fast-growing start-up. That's why we help you find the job that - right now - suits you best. And we'd also like to help you with your next one. Because your life as a young professional can change quickly.

Success story

“Jopp has a lot of knowledge of the young professional market and has a razor-sharp sense of whether someone is a good fit. And during the placement, they keep an eye on all the parameters. They understand what we need and can respond well to changing needs. That is how they help us stay ahead of the game." -Adyen

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Success story

“ What makes Jopp unique is their large pool of talent. Our own recruiters also have the ability to search on LinkedIn or Indeed, but many students are not present there or not fully present. Jopp has a large network and understands our culture, which allows them to match very well. ” -Werkspot

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Success story

“ From first converstion to a hire within three weeks, that must be some kind of a record. ”

How we do it

Our Jopp Assessment model

There is something in our DNA - a little extra energy. Ambition to constantly improve ourselves. And to help you move forward. Whether you are an employer or a young professional: we help you do the right things. An example: we speak the language of the young professionals. So we help employers with optimal employer branding. And because we are in close contact with our employers, we also understand exactly what they need. And expect.

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Jopp's success comes from the team we work with. Everyone contributes, see our toppers here.

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“Through our network success strategy, we can place candidates quickly and help clients quickly. Win-win.”

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