I am sick, what do I have to do?

If you are sick, you must report it to Jopp by 9 a.m. by filling out this form from the Jopper handbook. It is also important that you let your Team Lead/Manager know that you are unable to return to work.

After you report sick, the HelloFlex People absence department will contact you. It is important that you can be reached during your illness.

The moment you are better, it is important that you immediately report better to your TeamLead/Manager, as well as to Jopp. Please send an email to

What exactly does Jopp do?

Jopp connects ambitious students with ambitious organizations. We offer students well-paid side jobs and the opportunity for personal development at different employers in different positions or projects. To achieve this, we listen to your ambitions, ask about your experiences and, above all, take a critical look at your mentality.


I have a question about my salary

Check the Jopper Handbook first, chances are your answer is already there!
Is the answer not there? Then send an email to We will be happy to help you!

When do I receive my salary?

You get paid every Friday. This does depend on when you submit your timesheet. To make sure you get paid on Friday, the deadline for submitting your timesheet is every Sunday until 23:59.

Why haven't I received my salary yet?

Your timesheet may not have been processed because:

1. You did not submit your timesheet until after 11:59 p.m. on Sunday;
2. The employment contract has not yet been signed;
3. We do not (yet) have a valid copy of your ID/passport.
4. The placement confirmation has not yet been receive

If you have any problems, please send an email to We are happy to help you!

How about my vacationmoney?

In late May/early June, your vacation pay will be paid out. More information can be found in the Jopper Handbook.

What about pension?

Depending on your employment contract, you build up a pension with STiPP.

Who pays my salary?

HelloFlex People is the back-office partner of Jopp Students & Graduates and, in doing so, is also responsible for paying out wages.

Why doesn't pay Jopp my salary?

HelloFlex People is fully certified and facilitates the total back office for Jopp Students & Graduates. At Jopp, we think it's important that your salary is paid neatly and on time, without mistakes.

What are my benefits?

As an employee, you are assured that you are employed by a solid party that performs employer relations professionally. They ensure punctual payment of your salary and vacation pay and do the remittance of all payroll taxes. They check on the correct application of the collective bargaining agreement and implement legal salary increases and periodicity to which you are entitled. HelloFlex People holds all important quality marks and industry certifications and is extensively checked for proper compliance with laws and regulations of labor and employment law. They are among others NEN4400-1 and VCU certified, ABU member and registered with the Labour Standards Foundation.

Where can I submit my worked hours?

You can do this in your timecard in the HelloFlex portal.



Is Jopp certified as an employment agency?

With HelloFlex People as our certified backoffice, we comply with all certifications, obligations and formalities as an employment agency

What services does Jopp offer?

Jopp Students & Graduates is your HR partner to attract new talent. It is important to us that you get the right and relevant candidates to interview and save time. The right talent will take your organization further.

Jopp can serve you through a temporary employment structure, recruitment & selection or another unique construction, as long as it suits your organization best. We care about who and what you get from us, not how.

Do you only facilitate students?

Jopp can serve you not only with students, but also starters, young professionals and experienced employees. In addition, Jopp can take your HR activities off your hands and, for example, provide a front line for your organization by facilitating pre-selection


About HelloFlex People

HelloFlex People is a legal employer. We take care of the administrative, financial and legal part of being an employer. The company where the employee is employed is hirer. The hirer is practically employer and the organization where the employee actually performs the work. The employee also works under the direction and supervision of the hirer. The hirer determines for example: working hours and conditions, level of salary, fringe benefits (vacations, travel allowance etc.), contract extension etc.
HelloFlex People is fully NEN4400-1 and VCU certified, full ABU member and registered with the Standardization and Labor Foundation. Moreover, we offer the possibility to pay invoices through a G-account so you have the guarantee that all payroll taxes and premiums are paid to the tax authorities.

Salary payment and billing

HelloFlex People handles payroll and salary payments for employees, including sending the pay stub and annual statement. If an employee has questions about their paycheck/payments, they can contact HelloFlex People handles invoicing on behalf of the intermediary. Invoices must also be paid to HelloFlex People.

What are my benefits?

As a hirer, you are assured that you are working with a solid, professional party that possesses all the important quality and industry certifications and is monitored for proper compliance with laws and regulations of labor and employment law.


Where and how can I approve the worked hours of my employees?

This can be done through the HelloFlex portal. If this does not work, please contact

When is the deadline to approve the worked hours?

You are expected to approve weekly hours worked (and possible expense reimbursements) for the previous week by 11:59 p.m. Monday. Employees will not get paid in a timely manner otherwise.