A job interview coming up? Here are Jessica’s 5 counter-intuitive tips!

You’re preparing yourself for a job interview. You want to make a good impression because you’re going in there with only one goal, right? To nail that position. 

So you prepare answers to questions they might ask, read about the company culture, and think about how you present yourself. All are needed, so please keep doing that. 

But, here are 5 tips you might not have thought about. Luckily, we have. And we’re sharing them with you.

1. Don’t talk about work

Well, or not the only thing you talk about. Make sure that when you leave that room, they have an idea of who you are. Or what your personality is like. The things that move you. Because they want to know if you are a right fit with the culture of the organization or not. 

2. Ask questions back

An interview is a two-way street. The moment will come when you get the opportunity to ask questions. Do that! Prepare yourself and have them ready. Asking questions shows you are curious and interested in the position and the organization. 

3. Don’t only focus on what you’ve done in the past

If they invited you for an interview, you can be sure they’ve read your resume. And therefore know your past experiences. Why spend precious time repeating that? It’s way more interesting for them to hear what it is you would like to be doing. What skills would you like to learn? And how can this company help you with that? 

4. Talk about your weaknesses

As a student, we all know you aren't quite the best in the market yet - that's completely fine! Use that to your advantage and be honest about it - what do you hope to learn? Companies love to hear how they can help you grow - personally and professionally. 

5. Be clear on your no-no’s in a job  

If you know that doing administrative work only makes you lose interest soon, be honest about that. If the position involves a lot of sitting behind a desk filling out spreadsheets, this might not be the right job for you. It saves both parties a lot of precious time to know that. And you both want a perfect match, right?!

If you’ve got more questions, you know where to find us! Good Luck! 

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