Jopp helps you transition from college to career

That first full-time job. Very exciting, but also a bit scary. How do you prepare yourself for that? Simple. Start working with Jopp during your studies. We’ll give you tools and tips, and you’ll end up with a killer CV. 

If you want to make the transition from college to career as smooth as possible, join Jopp during your studies. As a Jopper, you get a personal Talent Manager that will guide you from the best side jobs during your studies to that first full-time dream job. In a straight line. Sounds good, right? Here are 5 ways how we help you.

1. Your personal Talent Manager helps you set professional goals and work toward them 

Jopp assigns you a personal Talent Manager whose main job is finding you a perfect job match. In order to do that, your Talent Manager will invest time in getting to know you. What kind of job are you looking for? What drives you? What are your ambitions? And if you don’t have all the answers yet, don’t worry. We’ll help you find them. We’ll also give you feedback on your CV and help you write strong motivational letters.

2. Build a killer CV during your studies - it helps to nail your first dream job

Sure, working in a restaurant or bar is fun. And if that makes you happy, do it. But if you have an idea of where you want to end up working after your graduation, why not start with building a CV - and with that a network! - that help get you there? When you apply for that first dream job, you’ll have a resume in hand that not only shows your experience but also illustrates how motivated you are. 

3. Get tips & tricks for job interviews - present yourself in the best possible way

Before Jopp sends you to a partner for a job interview, you have an interview with us. And after it, we give you feedback. What were your strong points? What deserves a bit more attention? All to make sure you know how to present yourself to a future employer. And with that, improving your chances of nailing that position.

4. Acquire practical work skills - it helps distinguish yourself from other students

Having worked in a professional environment during your studies gives you a definite plus in the eyes of your future employer. You have experience in being part of a team and know the social mores of being in an office. That will help you fit into their team and the overall work environment more easily. 

5. Know your strengths and weaknesses - employers appreciate self-knowledge

Receiving feedback makes you grow. You gain self-knowledge and with that, you become an even better employee. That’s why Jopp is a firm believer in giving extensive feedback to all Joppers. Add to that the feedback you’ll receive at your side job, and you can be certain that you know yourself by the time you apply for that first full-time job. 

Want to become a Jopper too? Nice. Go here for our vacancies or contact us directly. We’d love to hear from you!