“With Jopp, I made my resume so much stronger”

Meet our Jopper Daniel Vereshchagin

Meet Daniel Vereshchagin. During his studies, Jopp helped him become part of the Next Gen team at Adyen. Having his degree in his pocket, he is now looking for a full-time position. Again, with the help of Jopp.

Daniel: “During Covid, I started looking for a part-time job that actually looked good on my resume. After some poor experiences with student agencies, a friend suggested I contact Jopp. I did.” And from the get-go, it was clear to Daniel he was dealing with a completely different type of organization. “For starters, they actually got in contact with me”, he laughs.

Feedback first

It wasn’t long before Jopp connected Daniel to Adyen. He ended up working there for almost a year and a half as a part of their Next Gen team. “If I had applied without the help of Jopp, there’s no way I would’ve gotten the job. Jopp went out of their way to give me feedback that really elevated the way I presented myself to Adyen”

Jopp’s got your back

Daniel handed in his thesis for his Master's in European Policy in March this year. The time has come to start working full-time. “While working at Adyen, Jopp kept in touch with me. And when my time at Adyen ended, they were still here for me. I really appreciate and respect that.”

So together with his Talent Manager, Daniel is looking for a job again: “I’m looking for analytical roles. I am aiming at one of the many fin-tech companies here in Amsterdam. But, even for entry-level positions you need at least a year of experience. Thanks to working at Adyen as a student, I have that. I have a trial day at Bunq, so things are moving!” 

Creative outlet

Daniel is focused on gaining experience for now: “In the coming years, I would like to become an expert in something specific. And also develop some leadership skills. Running my own team by the age of 30 would be nice.” And then? “I have an entrepreneurial mindset. Always have. So, in the future, I’d like to run some sort of creative agency that can serve as an outlet for different ideas that I have.”

Being from Ukraine and with family living around Kyiv, the past year hasn’t been an easy one for Daniel: “Jopp stood by me and has been incredibly supportive and helpful. They really went out of their way to help me in any way possible.” 

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