Jopp 🤝 Twiki, a Success Story 

Hear what Twiki has to say about working with Jopp 💭

In the bustling world of automation and robotics, Twiki has emerged as a beacon of innovation and progress. Their journey began with a vision to revolutionize administrative processes two and a half years ago. Sven, one of the founders, with his team, has been working tirelessly to reshape the future of administrative processes. Where does Jopp come into this and why are we talking about them? Long-lasting relationships is in our DNA, and Twiki is one of our partners 🤝

The Discovery 🌍

Their story starts with a chance discovery - Twiki discovered Jopp through another existing partner, who had previously hired talents through Jopp.

So, I asked one of the founders of the company, where did you get these people from? And then he told me that he found them through Jopp. So, this was for us the starting point to also get in touch with you guys”.

Twiki has now hired four people through Jopp, over the course of just six months.

“Before we decided to give you the assignment, we first took a deep dive into your database to see the potential, and we were quite surprised. Actually, it’s full of people that have experience in our field”.

The Hiring 🕵🏻‍♀️

What sets Jopp apart, according to Sven, is their unique ability to connect Twiki with top talent. Unlike other recruitment methods, Jopp offers a comprehensive selection process, ensuring candidates not only meet the skill requirements but also fit seamlessly into the company culture. “The recruitment process with the selection and the hiring process went quite smoothly”.

The Candidates 🧑🏼‍💻

The candidates hired through Jopp exceeded expectations, are showing dedication, intelligence, and adaptability.

“We are very happy that through you, we at least found people, and they turned out to be very good, and that is what matters most to us because now we are able to deliver faster- and at a lower cost too, because until we hired these guys, we had to outsource our work.”

They quickly became integral members of the Twiki team, contributing to the company's future and eventual success, Sven remarked.

“We would love to hire them and give them a permanent position in our team if they want it- and even more as they are a part of our software platform in kind of the beginning- where they are sitting in the driver’s seat right with us. They are a part of the success and the results that we will be gaining with this service of ours.”

He truly believes they have become an asset to the company and hopes to be able to see them grow into roles with more responsibility over time. “We’re very satisfied since we really see that these guys are meeting our expectations which is good”.

The Future 🍀

As Twiki looks toward the future, they have ambitious plans to expand their service offerings and are set to launch new solutions in the logistics industry. Jopp hopes to walk right with them providing them with the young talent they need to continue to thrive and achieve their dreams. The aim is not only to grow Twiki but to empower others to leverage their expertise and technology.

Did Twiki like working with Jopp? “We really liked working with Jopp: it’s clear, results driven, and you deliver.” 💯

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